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I'm Vitez. Andrew Dezsery, welcome from the team at
#1Aquaponics Australia.

Congratulations on getting your own free copy of

“The Commercial Integration Of Aquaculture And Horticulture”

A report written by me for the Australian Government Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations (D.E.E.W.R.)

You've made a smart choice, and here's why . . .

You requested “The Commercial Integration of Aquaculture and Horticulture” report perhaps because you want to understand how to start your own aquaponic system without hiring expensive professional consultants to hold your hand.

I charge $280 an hour for 'one on one' learning to create aquaponics systems
either in the home or commercially for clients. With 20+ years’ of practical experience, two degrees in the field of aquaculture and having consulted and taught as a professional in environmental awareness, aquaculture and aquaponics at Universities and workshops around the world, I can save you a ton of money with my next product offering, and that's exactly what I'm going to do for you!

First... let me ask you this question...

After learning the history, the how to's, the what not to do’s, and the best ways to develop aquaponic food production at home while discovering this information a lot faster, and with you now receiving a lot more credibility when you partner with us through the Aquaponic 1.01 home study course service we provide...                                                                                                   

How will you act upon it?

 This is not for the feint hearted. It's an opportunity to learn and work directly with us through our Global Aquaponic Community wherever you may be in your own time and at your own pace for less dollar$ than 1 hour of personal consultation time with me… 'one on one.' You're going to learn how to create a backyard aquaponic system that produces food for your family as well as knowledge and skills that will become the envy of your friends.

 Learn from our 20+ years of practical experience and be successful in integrating fish and vegetable production to feed your family, to barter for goods, or to sell to the public that want natural organic food you can now produce in your own home. You will save valuable time in the shops, fill your fridge with quality food for sometimes cents to the dollar and even be amazed when the kids eat those vegetables that now have flavour and is so nutritious for them. With time saved, you can enjoy your new fresh vegetable garden, and on those really hot days, maybe get a cool splash from your fish as you feed them while they look after your plants health.

So... how would you like to start NOW? Creating that backyard aquaponic system that’s the envy of your friends quickly and easily!

Want to go fishing this weekend?

By learning from our 20+ years of farm experience and you now being successful in integrating fish and vegetable production to feed your family within months, you will be growing an abundance of fish and food! Depending on which species of fish you choose and where you live, you will provide fish for the table around every 26 weeks for that fresh, fish fry, Friday. This will save you hundreds of dollar$ per year you'd normally spend at the fish monger. Instead, grow your own fish while putting high quality, nutritious protein and vegetables, into the fridge!

Now, this offer is NOT for everyone as...

we're only making it available to YOU because you have proved yourself as an action taker and requested

“The Commercial Integration Of Aquaculture And Horticulture”

FREE report on offer.

So now I'm going to make you this special one-time offer that's only available


from us at

What I'm going to share with you here will help you create your own backyard aquaponic system that works, and it will continue to work for you time and time again. Learn from our 20+ years of experience and be successful in feeding your family, or bartering for goods, or selling your natural organic grown produce to the public at a local farmer’s market. 

I have a very unique product called "Aquaponics 1.01". Since its inception in 2007, many have copied the format and try to offer their own version and some, even use our product name to gain attention.

It’s your best friend for aquaponic learning because our business uses these very same techniques as do all our clients now around the world.

Here's a preview of just a few of the software's menu screenshots below:

I don't have time to go over everything inside this awesome product or we'd be here for hours but, the strategies inside this learning program will give you the results you're looking for FAST!!! This interactive software package is 3GB+ in size! It's filled with over 9 hours of video and interactive content that will keep the whole family educated and entertained. This course optimises your learning with reading, watching and listening capabilities for you to have the ultimate learning experience and be the marvel of your friends as you spout off technical words you never thought perhaps you could.

We installed Australia's first school aquaponic system in 1996 as seen above  and we know that your kids will marvel their teachers as they grasp scientific concepts of STEM learning in maths, physics, biology, science reporting advantages and more all from home whilst having fun in the garden.

Let me explain just a few things about how our "Aquaponics 1.01"

will help you to succeed easily beyond your expectations.

    * It creates an independence for any family & offers food security for those that live in big cities and reduces those food miles

* By using the proven methods discussed in detail in your software course work, you will learn how to steal back time that's wasted in supermarket queues, traffic jams and save those precious dollar$ for equally important things in your life

    * This aquaponic interactive software learning system is the original and only one of its kind in the world since we developed its concept back in 2007 for our clients wanting to buy or build our home education systems.

   * The self assessment quizzes after each module allows you to learn at your own pace with no outside pressure so you can, get it right the first time.

* As your family grows, members can use this learning program again and again and again, getting hours on end discovering how to provide food for the family at the lowest cost possible...wherever you call home!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll get with

"Aquaponics 1.01"

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the instant ability to grow fish and vegetables at home, spending little time in the garden wasting water, fertiliser and herbicides... costs you will never need to endure again? Imagine eating juicy fresh strawberries that you've just picked whilst you feed the fish, thanking them for their hard work growing your organic food.

Click the button below RIGHT NOW to add Aquaponics 1.01 to your order.

I guarantee it will help you to create a backyard aquaponic system that’s the envy of your friends. I’ll share our 20+ years of commercial and qualified experience to help you be successful in integrating your fish and vegetable production to feed your family and you will be growing an abundance of the most amazing, nutritious and healthiest looking fish and plants quickly.

We know everyone will think you were born with a green thumb!

That's our within 30-day guarantee!

(or we'll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked!)

When you act NOW, you will also receive "The Aquaponic Farm" DVD (worth $49.50) as your 1st bonus for taking up this one-time offer.

And you'll also get the 2nd bonus "The Fish Farm" DVD

(worth $49.50) as well!

These 2 DVD's cover both Barramundi farming and Murray cod farming as well as the South Australian aquaponic research farm where we produced high quality multi-species fish and fingerlings. Both of these DVD's have a huge amount of our own content not seen digitally anywhere else.

Aquaponics 1.01 is available on our website


24/7 for $499.

Right now, you have ONE CHANCE

to get your FREE report and the Aquaponics 1.01, and the 2 bonus DVD's

including software, books, course work, transcripts, and even fish recipes.

all for only $399

(Individually priced would be $577)

This one-time offer is only available


When you leave this page, it's gone at this value-packed price.

So now, you can start your own aquaponic system without having to hire an expensive consultant by the hour to hold your hand. Remember, we charge $280 per hour for 'one on one' learning to create aquaponics systems either in the home or commercially. Here, you will get 9 hours of video training, plus the DVD's, all the software, books, course work, transcripts, and even awesome fish recipes from some of the best global chefs for just less than 2x 1-hour personal consultations with us. You will save a ton of money by joining our aquaponic tutorial global community. Don't miss your chance to create a backyard aquaponic system to provide food for you and your loved ones... and one that will become the envy of your friends.

Learn from our proven expertise and grow faster and easier than ever!

Read the testimonies below and weigh in your discovery of Aquaponic 1.01


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 Today Only - $399

Read what our student and past course participants are
saying about our Aquaponics 1.01 training systems.

"Thank you for all the effort you put into making such a wonderful interactive course. Very nice."


"Andrew, we were very impressed by the relevant information given in the interactive course. It was very easy to understand & very helpful for us to understand how a working setup works. Looking forward to building our own. Thank you, we appreciate your help very much."

Greg & Marlene B.

"Thank you Andrew for your generous nature in sharing with us a wealth of information. Knowledge is wealth, thank you again for the interactive course."

Craig L

"Thanks Andrew for a very informative course. That was a most instructive and enjoyable way of presenting it. Thank you again."

Reinhold R

"Thanks Andrew for letting us pick your brains through the interactive coursework that you provided. Very beneficial and made 3 weeks of finding cluttered information on the Internet make sense."

Mel & Daniel L

"Very informative. It's opened my eyes to the pitfalls most likely to come across in trying to set up a hobby system, and has given me a positive outlook for the road ahead."

Jack F

"Andrew - very informative. In some ways too much information overload, good on showing where to obtain additional information to reinforce what has been explained through the course."


"Thanks Andrew. Thank you very much. Very informative and very well presented and easy to follow with the layout and also the printable transcribed information straight from the disk."


"Dear Andrew, thank you very much for an absolute fantastic effort. I found the day out to be even better than expected with the surprise field trip offered to us. I have been inspired by your knowledge and persistence. I see enormous possibilities for both home and commercial farming. I can't wait to get started! Thanks indeed! The course has so much information and resources on it. I'm very impressed."

Sincerely, James H

Subject: To whom it may concern

"A friend told me about an interactive course to be held on aquaponics. That's when I met Andrew Dezsery as he produced and supplied the course. It was his teaching that made me realise I knew very little. His course opened my eyes a lot wider and gave me the true science of it all. I bought his work books and the Aquaponics 1.01 interactive software from him which gave me an even more  in-depth understanding of Aquaponics. What I missed listening and watching during the course, I found it in depth within the course transcripts when reading, it works very well and it's a great reference.

I also learned that Andrew supplied turn-key systems and eventually bought one of his smaller systems, the Aquaorganic 780. They are brilliant and so easy to operate and maintain and I have raised silver perch and trout over a foot long.

I am confident now and am expanding and building a 6m x 6m greenhouse and will be buying a larger family system with the help of Andrew's design through He gives you the highest of quality, excellent service and it is all worth it."

With Regards, Geoff G., South Australia

And you can also watch the video testimonials below...

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